Announcing the Dispatch iOS SDK

At Dispatch, we help businesses of all sizes reach their customers by extending their storefronts into new digital marketing channels. Our Web SDK enables web publishers to add a checkout experience, allowing businesses to sell products within any piece of content. We’re now excited to unveil the Dispatch iOS SDK, which lets businesses reach even more customers across content-rich mobile applications in verticals like gaming, social, video, and more. 

Like the Web SDK, orders placed through the iOS SDK go directly to the merchant’s e-commerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce, etc) and payments are processed through the merchant’s payments service provider (Stripe, Adyen, Braintree, etc) via Dispatch’s E-Commerce Connectors. This means that publishers can rely on our SDKs to handle all of the e-commerce complexities while businesses get access to new channels to seamlessly sell their products.

We envision a future where customers make purchases at the moment of inspiration—whether watching a show, playing a game, or interacting with an AI chatbot. To make this vision a reality, publishers need flexible tools to embed commerce experiences natively within their apps, without managing the complexities of e-commerce integrations, payments processing, and compliance. The Dispatch iOS SDK addresses this need with a lightweight, user-friendly solution that manages all backend logic, ensuring a smooth and compliant user experience. 

Key Features

Managed Checkout Flow

Publishers aim to create the best product experience for their users. When seeking additional monetization options through ads or commerce, they often link out to a webview, because they don’t have the time or resources to build an optimal e-commerce experience. The Dispatch iOS SDK solves this by enabling applications to add a streamlined checkout experience with just a few lines of code. This includes features such as Apple Pay integration, credit card payment validation, and a customizable media carousel for showcasing products. The checkout process is designed to keep users within the app, reducing friction and enhancing the user experience.

Comprehensive Event Tracking

A major advantage for platforms or publishers like video and social apps in integrating a native commerce experience (rather than linking out or redirecting customers to another site), is to gain deeper insights into user behavior and sales attribution without depending on unreliable web tracking pixels on e-commerce sites. The Dispatch iOS SDK includes an events emitter that allows developers to subscribe to and track user interactions within the checkout flow. This ensures that signal and attribution insights are captured while sensitive data remains private.

Lightweight and Efficient

We know iOS developers are conscious about their app bundle size, and so we’ve designed the Dispatch iOS SDK to be lightweight and efficient. To ensure this, we’ve built our SDK to be vanilla with zero third-party dependencies. The Dispatch iOS SDK v1.0.0 has a compressed size of 0.5 MB. Here is how this compares with other iOS packages:

| Module               | Compressed Size  |
| Dispatch             | 0.5 MB           |
| Shopify              | 0.7 MB           |
| Stripe               | 2.7 MB           |
| Adyen                | 9.3 MB           |
| BrainTree            | 25.7 MB          |

Getting Started

You can get started with just a few lines of code. Go to the GitHub repo to install the SDK and begin integrating!

import DispatchSDK

let config: DispatchConfig = DispatchConfig(
  applicationId: "[APPLICATION_ID]",
  environment: .production,
  merchantId: "[MERCHANT_ID]",
  orderCompletionCTA: "Back to List"
DispatchSDK.shared.setup(using: config)
DispatchSDK.shared.present(with: "CEHCKOUT_ID")