Cocktails, Conversation, and the Convergence of Marketing and Sales

With summer over and more folks back in town from vacations and those glorious “OOO” blocks on all our calendars, Dispatch decided to ease us back into the grind with an evening of drinks, food and chatting with our fellow friends in the distributed commerce world. Titled "Cocktails and Conversation: Can Marketing Channels Be Sales Channels?" the event, held at the offices of our parent company, IEX, was a delightful fall blend of casual networking and insightful discussions.

The pressure on marketing budgets and sales team has ramped up in recent years to make every dollar stretch as far as possible. Brands are constantly juggling the need to maintain a strong presence while ensuring that every dollar spent translates into tangible revenue, and this event provided a platform for industry leaders to chat, brainstorm and share solutions for dealing with the ever-present challenge.

Dispatch also used the event to showcase its approach of seamlessly merging branding with performance through embedded checkout. (Not that we ever need an excuse to throw a party.) With the way things are nowadays and the pressure to optimize resources, brands and agencies are finding distributed commerce to be a good fit and more relevant to their needs.

  • Who was there? Folks from diverse sectors - be it apparel, tech, consulting, or retail. It was a testament to the universal relevance of the topic at hand.
  • What was on the menu? Guests were treated to a full bar, delectable sushi, and desserts that were hard to resist.
  • The Vibe: True to its name, the event was all about fostering connections. With no formal programming, attendees mingled, with many of those casual chats turning into promising collaborations.

What's next: If you missed this one, fret not. Dispatch has plans to host similar events in the near future. So, stay tuned and keep your calendars open and your business cards ready. Here's to many more such gatherings in the future.