Dispatch and the Future of Distributed Commerce

The rise of e-commerce has transformed the way we shop, and with it, the way brands sell. But as technology continues to evolve, there's an increasing need for businesses to meet customers where they are, whether that's on the web, in a crypto wallet, in a metaverse, or even IRL in a store. Dispatch has built a commerce solution to help make this happen. Our dynamic assets, or “cards,” can be embedded anywhere, making it easy for brands to reach their customers and streamline their sales process. Here’s why I think Dispatch is the future of distributed commerce:

1. Embedded Commerce Everywhere

Since our cards can be embedded all over the proverbial digital map, brands can sell their products via one-click checkout in more places than ever before. For example, a display ad can now include a "Buy Now" button that allows the customer to seamlessly complete the purchase without ever leaving the article their reading — like this example on Decrypt. Or, a crypto wallet can integrate Dispatch’s SDK so customers can make purchases right from within their wallet. Dispatch can even be integrated into virtual and augmented reality experiences, so customers can shop while immersed in a digital world.

2. Transactions on the Blockchain

Dispatch relies on blockchain technology to settle transactions, which ensures they’re secure and instant. This eliminates the need for intermediaries, such as banks, and reduces the risk of fraud. By settling transactions on the blockchain,  settlement times are faster and fees are lower. This works especially well for affiliate purchases—all parties are paid commissions instantly.

3. Seamless Integration

Dispatch's commerce solution can seamlessly integrate with brands' existing order management systems and CRMs, including SalesForce, HubSpot, Shopify, and Magento. This means brands can continue to use the tools they already know and love, while also expanding their sales channels.

4. Adding a New Way to Sell

Dispatch isn't replacing traditional e-commerce. Instead, we’re adding a new way for brands and end-customers to benefit from blockchain’s features without the complexities traditionally associated with web3. Customers can check out with their crypto wallets or simply with their email and credit cards; brands can expand their reach and connect with customers in new ways. As wallets become more commonplace and users protect their data, we see an increased need for lightweight, portable commerce solutions that can reach customers across web2 and web3. With Dispatch, the future of commerce is distributed, innovative, and seamless.

Come visit us April 11-13 at the Dispatch Studio in NYC for panels, fireside chats, live podcast recordings, and happy hours on ecommerce blockchain, web3 marketing, and more. gmTrivia live, too! See the programming and RSVP here. We’ll be there with Lacoste, Ledger, Joe Coffee, Galerie Templon, and many others.

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