Dispatch Integrates with Adacado for Seamless In-Ad Checkouts


An integration tailored to change the way Shopify merchants approach digital advertising.

We're thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Adacado, a leader in the DIY digital advertising space. Our integration is specifically tailored to change the way Shopify merchants approach digital advertising, making it more efficient, interactive, and conversion-friendly.

Adacado's name stands out in the digital advertising world. With its innovative Ad Builder platform, many global brands use Adacado to create dynamic display ads that resonate with customers. Their commitment to DIY efficiency aligns perfectly with our mission at Dispatch: to make commerce seamless and accessible, no matter where the customer is.

What Does This Integration Mean?

By integrating Dispatch into Adacado's platform, Shopify merchants can now effortlessly upload their products to Adacado and run dynamic, shoppable ads. These aren't just any ads; they come with a "buy now" button, offering in-ad checkout. This feature is designed to streamline the buying process, to reduce the steps a customer has to take to make a purchase (like making an account or filling in additional checkout information) and, in turn, to decrease cart abandonment rates.

Creating a Seamless Ecosystem

Dispatch's e-commerce connectors allow for easy integration between Shopify and Adacado without the need for major changes to infrastructure, workflow, or payment providers. This means that Shopify merchants can now enjoy the benefits of a more efficient checkout flow while product catalogs and inventory levels stay  up-to-date, providing a consistent experience for customers.

And with Adacado, Shopify merchants have access to turnkey “solutions” with creative, data feeds, product targeting options, and media channel configurations designed to make it easy to get started with Dispatch’s in-ad checkout.

Michael Brown, CEO and President of Adacado, highlighted the importance of a seamless shopping experience, stating that "73% of global shoppers find a brand’s shopping experience to be a key part of their loyalty. With this partnership, we're not just enhancing the ad experience; we're reimagining it." As Byron Sorrells, Dispatch's CEO, pointed out, this integration can lead to a "35% improvement in conversion rates through better checkout experiences."

Ooh, a Special Offer!

To celebrate this collaboration, we’re offering $1,000 in ad credit to eligible Shopify merchants. This is our way of inviting you to experience the future of digital advertising firsthand. Reach out to partnerships@dispatch.co for more.

Get Started

Ready to use our integration?  For more details on this integration and how to get started, visit Adacado or check out dispatch.co for more insights.