Learn How to Reach and Convert Web2 Customers Using Web3 Tools with Our Latest White Paper

Welcome to the in between! Our new white paper, The Power of In Between: Meeting Customers Where They Are on Web 2.5, is now available, delivering perspectives and analysis on how Web3 tools can change the game for marketers in a Web2 world. (Call it Web2.5.)

The paper highlights proprietary emotional intelligence research commissioned by IEX Group and fielded by BRANDthrō to understand consumer preferences and behavior in Web3 technology and how the world’s leading Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Data Officers, and Chief Information Officers are thinking about Web3 experiences.

Key points include:

• Consumers have lost trust in Web2 due to issues such as privacy violations, and they want a better customer experience that is more transparent and gives them more control.

• Blockchain technology can provide the functionality and protections needed to rebuild consumer confidence, but education and technical barriers are the main challenges to wider consumer adoption of Web3.

• Executives are excited to incorporate Web3 infrastructure into their business strategies, using it to provide richer customer analytics and even define the future of business-to-employee communications and work itself.

• Products like Dispatch are making it easier for brands to engage and sell directly to customers on-chain, without those customers needing to be crypto wallet holders, creating endless possibilities for brand-customer relationships.

• New Web3 rewards and loyalty programs will provide new opportunities for collaboration, but brands, and the C-Suite, will need a consistent enterprise-wide game plan to deliver on Web3.

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