Dispatch IRL at ETH Denver: Build, Play, Flex



We barely had time to recover from our NFT Paris jet lag before we were off again to ETH Denver, the biggest Ethereum conference in the world. Dispatch hosted a workshop and a live version of our super-fun gmTrivia game, and below, we’re breaking down three themes we picked up on after soaking up several days of all things Web3 and blockchain in the Mile High City

1. Build

It was all about building, or “buidling,” as ETH Denver dubbed it. And, no, that’s not a typo.

ETH Denver is especially for builders, with an emphasis on experimentalism, distributed computing and blockchain innovation.

The conference’s #BUIDLathon, an intentional misspelling of the word “build” sponsored by SporkDAO, is a gathering of like-minded developers, designers, product managers, marketers, lawyers and the like, who spend 9 days working in teams of two and four to create unique projects with real-world use cases via the help of mentors and sponsors.

Dispatch got in on the buidling, hosting the workshop “The Key to On-Chain Messaging: Building Communication and Engagement Right in the Wallet” with our friends at Zerion. Our workshop tackled how to stay to scale from “customer” to “community” and broke down the basics of one-to-many web3-native messaging services, how to use on-chain messaging for both one-way community communications and branded engagement and activations, and the nitty gritty of wallet rendering and protocol details.

Partnerships lead Porter Geer also spoke at WalletCon on a panel titled, “Why Should Wallets Communicate?” Tell us why, Porter:

"I believe having a dedicated area and experience that sets the standard for NFTs as mediums of communication within wallets will allow the user to see their wallet as a home base without having to engage in outside mediums like email, Twitter, et cetera.”

Buidlers gonna buidl.

2. Play

Brands at ETH Denver were gamifying the user experience to engage and reward their communities, including giving out NFTs to users who stopped in at their booths.

We got in on it too, hosting a live version of gmTrivia with Layer3, C4 and Zerion, who dropped their own NFT during the event. (Isn’t it a beaut?)

In the end, 12 gmTrivia teams went head-to-head to test their on-chain IQs, with the winning group walking away with some sweet Carhartt Dispatch beanies and additional prizes.

Look at these smarty pants:

If you’re in New York on April 11-13 for NFT NYC, come by our NoHo studio at Showfields for more gmTrivia live and to see what distributed commerce looks like, Dispatch style.

3. Flex

People want to rep their communities with swag, swag and more swag, and web3 brands and communities delivered this year. Some of the most-talked about merch, besides our Carhartt beanies, of course, included products from:

Boys Club, who dolled out hats and sweatsuits for the whole fam:

Here's Boys Club's booth on day 1: 

And here it is on the last day :

Lens Protocol, who brought collegiate chicness (and ferns):

Aave, who paid homage to Denver and DeFi:

What’s Next:

SXSW 2023. Will you be there? Book an appointment with Porter Geer here.

3/26-3/29 ShopTalk (Same as above.)

The Dispatch Studio at Showfields, April 11-13, in NYC

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