From Booth #1913 to the Foo Fighters: Dispatch's Recap from Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2023

We’re back from Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce’s annual mega-conference for all things CRM, cloud, data, commerce, and marketing related. The three-day event, which manages to up the ante every year on the “wow factor,” included workshops and panels galore, celebrity appearances from Seth Meyers to Spike Lee, concerts (more on that later), endless swag, and parties.

Dispatch was there to soak it all in and show off our innovations in distributed commerce solutions to attendees. Here’s a quick recap of what we took in.

Dispatch co-founders Arnaud Meunier and Byron Sorrells

How we showed up

Dreamforce 2023 showcased Salesforce’s commitment to innovating in its Commerce Cloud tool, including the addition of new apps and a focus on expanding both B2B and DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) products.

We were set up at Booth #1913 right in the heart of the Commerce Cloud section. One reason attendees were so excited to see how our product works is because Dispatch, now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, seamlessly integrates with existing systems, extending your team’s reach across various platforms without the need for complex infrastructure changes.

In case you haven’t met us yet, or weren’t able to stop by our Dreamforce booth, here’s a little intro:

What is Dispatch?

We unlock the potential of distributed commerce for your business, combatting cart abandonment and awkward checkouts with a seamless experience at the moment of discovery. Our solution allows merchants and brands to transform their marketing channels into sales channels.

Here's how it works:

1. Portable Storefronts: With Dispatch's e-commerce connectors, you can effortlessly showcase your products across the web, on TV, and even in virtual worlds. You don't need separate "stores" or inventory channels for each platform; Dispatch ensures your products reach a broader audience with ease.

2. Seamless Checkout: We understand the importance of allowing businesses to maintain their existing payment providers. When your customers are ready to make a purchase, they simply click the "Buy Now" button on your product. The entire transaction takes place within an embedded checkout, ensuring a smooth and familiar payment process without redirecting your customers elsewhere.

3. Brand Consistency: Your brand remains the merchant of record throughout the process. We seamlessly integrate with your existing brand identity, keeping your interactions with customers the same.

Consumers expect instant gratification and the freedom to shop wherever and whenever they want. We meet these demands head-on with our own approach. Here’s what helped us to stand out at the conference:

• Consumer-Centric: We recognize that consumers are everywhere, all at once. Our solution allows your business to be where your customers are, offering a shopping experience that aligns with their preferences.

• Seamless Integration: Our connectors seamlessly integrate with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This means you can provide a consistent shopping experience, helping customers make purchases at various touchpoints.

• Adapting to Modern Consumer Expectations: The days of focusing solely on metrics like Average Order Value (AOV) and cart size are quickly changing. Dispatch helps you adapt to the changing landscape of e-commerce, where it's all about making a sale when the opportunity arises.

We also collaborated with Slalom, a business and technology consultancy firm, for Slalomfest at Minna Gallery. It was an epic turnout, with a line wrapped around the block. There were food trucks serving up dim sum and tacos, plus a live mural being painted right outside.

If you squint, you can see Dave Grohl!

Dreamforce: Down to the Details

What sets Dreamforce apart is its commitment to details, down to creating a sensory experience playing up the event theme of “trailblazers.” This included the sounds of chirping crickets and the use of scent, making attendees feel like they were stepping into a rainforest.

Then, of course, there was the swag. Attendees could choose from a plethora of goodies from t-shirts to laptop stickers, but Salesforce plush toys of their adorable woodland creature mascots stole the show.

To top it all off, we got to catch sets from The Foo Fighters, who were introduced by Matthew McConaughey, no less, and Maggie Rogers on Thursday. It was the perfect way to close out a week that was, to borrow everyone’s favorite McConaughey-ism, alright, alright, alright.

For more information or to get in touch with our sales team, send us a note here.

See you next year!