How Dispatch Drove E-commerce Growth for Soho Ski Club: A Case Study Breakdown


Learn how Dispatch's checkout solution streamlined Soho Ski Club's online shopping experience, leading to an increase in customer conversions.

When Soho Ski Club (SSC), a burgeoning e-commerce brand for ski apparel with a New York City streetwear feel, hit a plateau in sales, they turned to Dispatch for a solution. Our case study (which you can read in full here) outlines how we collaborated to turn their challenges into successes with Dispatch’s optimized checkout, creating a tangible example of e-commerce growth and conversion rate optimization.

The Challenge: Stalled Sales and Conversion Rates

SSC had a loyal customer base but was struggling to breakthrough to new markets. Their social media audience was growing, but it wasn’t growing into online sales or conversions. Additionally, they wanted to avoid the hassle typically associated with adopting new e-commerce tools, which can involve intricate inventory syncing and managing isolated data streams. They wanted a solution that would simplify their operations without adding to their workload.

Dispatch's Approach

Leveraging Dispatch's Distributed Checkout to sell their latest run of the SSC OG Baseball Hat to shoppers on Instagram, Soho Ski Club provided a seamless shopping experience linked to their Instagram ads. This strategy made purchases effortless for customers but also significantly boosted SSC's conversion rates.

Here’s what that looked like:

· The solution was elegant: rather than direct potential customers to navigate their main website, Dispatch enabled Soho Ski Club to seize the moment of customer interest faster.

· Dispatch crafted an ad landing page that kept the 'Buy Now' button visible, ensuring a constant call-to-action alongside detailed product imagery and information. This user-friendly design was complemented by payment options tailored to the shopper's profile, by displaying payment options based on the shopper's device, age, and the item's price, making the payment process intuitive as possible.

· To put this to the test, Soho Ski Club launched a 30-day Instagram campaign. With a mix of feed, discover, and story ads, they conducted an A/B test comparing traffic to their Shopify store versus the Dispatch Ad Landing Page. This strategy wasn't just about driving traffic—it was about capturing purchase intent the instant it sparked.

Seamless Integration Meets Measured Results

The results highlighted the effectiveness of Dispatch's checkout process in enhancing the customer shopping experience, complementing the core platform provided by Shopify. The solution resonated with users who appreciated the straightforward shopping experience through an ad.

Integration was swift and hassle-free, completed in a mere 90 seconds without the need for order syncing or payment bridges, and without any gaps in customer data. And because the Dispatch solution is built on top of the existing platform (rather than replacing it), existing re-marketing tools, such as abandoned cart emails, are integrated automatically.

This led to a 25% increase in total sales and a 12% decrease in bounce rate for Soho Ski Club, while the average clicks to conversion dropped to 2.4.

Additionally, the time taken for sessions to convert was reduced to just 50 seconds.

Customer-Centric Checkout

The optimized landing page ensured that the checkout process was swift, leading to a notable reduction in session time to purchase. The Dispatch checkout outperformed traditional methods, affirming SSC’s CEO Hans Howell's belief that customers want straightforward transactions.: “I was genuinely delighted to discover that getting started with Dispatch was as effortless as their team had promised. This campaign saw more engagement than any paid campaign we had run previously. Dispatch’s optimized PDP product made it as simple as a 3-taps for consumers to go from interested to owners of the SSC OG Hat.”

To Sum It Up

Soho Ski Club's case study illustrates the efficacy of Dispatch's checkout solution in enhancing e-commerce performance. For businesses looking to refine their online sales process, Dispatch offers a proven platform that simplifies transactions and drives customer engagement.