Dispatch IRL at NFT Paris: 3 Key Takeaways from the Conference



Team Dispatch is just back from NFT Paris and, in case your pass was lost in the mail, we’re giving you the rundown on our three key takeaways from two tres bien days of listening to experts, creators, brands, and artists talk all things web3.

1. Community

Artists like Tom Sachs (there minting launchable rockets via his Tom Sachs Rocket Factory) and brands like Warner Bros. emphasized the importance of collaborating with their web3 communities to co-create products. Josh Hackbarth, who heads NFT commercial development at Warner Bros, mentioned the company’s success in using its DC Comics Batman franchise to engage its community, allowing buyers of a Batman NFT to vote on the storyline of its next comic book.

2. Connection

web2 brands are seeking the right partnerships in web3. It’s no longer about web2 and web3 as separate entities, but bridging those spaces to create simpler experiences for their existing consumers, while connecting with new ones. Liz Suman, vice president of editorial and web2 projects for Playboy, said the company, which stopped publishing in 2020, has actively engaged its web3 community in recent years by turning images from its iconic 70-year-old archives into digital collectibles. The company is also launching a virtual “MetaMansion” with the metaverse platform Sandbox this year, as a space for users to get access to special experiences and giveaways.

3. Commerce

As more fashion brands are adopting sustainable practices, they’re beginning to explore digital fashion and collectibles as a way to better source and utilize the materials used to create physical ones. Luxury brands, many of whom come with century-old legacies, and other apparel brands, say they are ready to test and learn.

Dispatch is on board with the three C’s, and we’d like to add two more to the mix: Campaigns and Conversion. Campaigns are a way to engage and segment communities, gather insights and sentiment, and drive conversions via Dispatch Cards, from ecommerce to polling and to invites for special events. Check out how it works here.

What’s next on the web3 conference circuit👇

ETH Denver 

We’ll be hosting “The Key to On-Chain Messaging: A Workshop on Building Communication and Engagement Right in the Wallet” with Zerion on 2/28.

We’ll also be hosting GmTrivia Live on 3/1 — stop by to show off your web3 IQ.

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