The Ultra-Easy Guide to Launching a Campaign on Dispatch

No web3 expertise needed, promise.

So you’re ready to create a campaign on Dispatch. A round of applause and welcome to sending content that will actually appear in your customer’s wallet, not their spam folder.

Your sales funnel is about to get simpler. Because you can target users who have already interacted with your brand, businesses can join their own user data with Dispatch’s on-chain technology to reach customers in a more customized way, in-wallet, via embeds or permalinks. You can bring your community into clearer focus, personalizing engagement in ways that are more relevant to who they are, where they are, and drive conversion.

Behind the scenes, we’ve listened closely to a lot of marketing and sales teams about their needs — we know engaging with customers is never a one-size-fits-all world. Whether you’re trying to reach a few dozen high-value customers for an exclusive product launch, or a million people you want to debut a video to, launching a campaign and delivering a variety of content straight to the wallets of users can be as niche as you want it to be. Feel free to go deep.

Sending content all follows the same easy three-step process. No fluency in web3-speak or technical knowledge necessary.

Let’s break it down.

Pick the audience you want to send to

Using our targeting tools, you can segment the users you want to reach based on purchase history, related holdings, and other distinctive audience traits.

Pick an outcome, pick a Card

There are 16 Dispatch Card templates to work with, including simple text and image layouts, as well as fancier options like videos, songs or audio, animations, and GIFs. Pick different colors, fonts, and control your design. It’s all customizable.

What are your goals? If you’re focused on more sales, a one-click checkout Ecommerce Card to announce a merch drop is the way to go. Or you can get creative and use Invite Cards to launch loyalty campaigns like special access to events, or send customers rewards via gift cards to claim digital or physical goods. If you want to gather feedback, sentiment, or engage an audience via a game, you can use a Poll Card to send a short quiz.

It’s: A) Easy, B), Intuitive, C) As Ultra-Specific As Your Segmentation Strategy Requires.

If you don’t see a Card to fit your goal, please let us know and we’ll work on one for you. No sales or marketing team shall be left behind.

Checkout, hit send, and gather insights

Ready to check out? We’ll render your beautiful new card and handle the sending for you from there. All campaign data is recorded on-chain, so you can quickly take your analytics back to your labs, dissect, analyze, and keep on converting. And that’s it!

Contact us here or email Porter Geer for a demo on how to get started with Dispatch.

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