Dispatch IRL with Brand Innovators

L-R: Byron Sorrells, Rob Park

Our parent company, IEX Group, Inc., hosted a day-long summit earlier this week exploring how brands can better harness Web3, featuring panelists from juggernauts like PepsiCo., the NFL, Roblox, Wal-Mart, Mastercard, American Eagle and more. "The Future of Web3 for Brands: Building Sustainable Infrastructures," sponsored by Brand Innovators, took a closer look at the ways Web3 can be implemented to swing the pendulum back to consumer trust, data protection, loyalty, as well as the work to be done to build stronger bridges between web2and web3 to where we are now. (Call it Web2.5.)

The day opened with a fireside chat between Dispatch CEO and co-founder Byron Sorrells and Rob Park, CTO and co-founder of IEX, discussing the ways blockchain is used by both companies, and how to remain “future proof." That won’t happen in a “big-bang moment," but in “being invisible” according to Byron. In meeting customers where they are now, he says Dispatch is simply “piping blockchain in” and keeping it under the hood to help brands convert customers.

L-R: Dan DeVece, NFL; Arnaud Meunier, Dispatch; Connie Kwok, Blockstream; Maxwell Harberg, PWC; Ellie Philipps,  Flowcode.

Dispatch co-founder and COO Arnaud Meunier echoed a similar sentiment during his panel, “Web 3 Outlook: Driving Authentic Connections with Consumers.” The gist: The future of creating sustainable infrastructure and better consumer experiences is “vanilla blockchain,” not confusing jargon, calls for decentralization, or promises of utility that might not currently be possible.

“The tech world spent years perfecting how people interact with websites, games, and apps, but now people are scared by web3 technology that is front-facing. So, at Dispatch we figure out how to onboard those people by serving them what they’re used to.”

If you haven't already, take a look at our new white paper that delves deeper into how Web2 tools infused with Web3 capabilities are empowering marketers and brands to up their customer reach. You can find the paper here.

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