"Turning Marketing Channels into Sales Channels": Dispatch' at Salesforce World Tour NYC 2023

Salesforce World Tour hit New York City on December 14th, where Dispatch’s own Will Thomas and Porter Geer spoke about distributed commerce and the future of ecommerce at their session, "Activate New Sales Channels with Commerce Cloud." The World Tour highlights the latest trends in sales, marketing, customer service, and featured keynote speeches from Salesforce executives, expert-led sessions, and fireside conversations. If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a quick recap of what Will and Porter had to say.

Solving the ECommerce Conversion Puzzle

The first half of the session broke down the complexities of ecommerce marketing and emphasized the age-old ecommerce challenge of transforming impressions and clicks into actual sales. As we noted in our distributed checkout blog, the byzantine journey from an ad click to the final purchase, often involving numerous steps and potential drop-offs, isn’t helping. Dispatch, as Will noted, is answering these enduring ecommerce hurdles.

Porter then took the stage, describing how Dispatch bridges the gap between impressions and checkouts, enabling customers to make purchases directly from ads. This different approach, as Porter noted, significantly streamlines the buying process.

Built for Marketers

Will and Porter also detailed how Dispatch converts traditional marketing channels into dynamic sales channels. Using their technology, businesses can extend the reach of their e-commerce platforms, from Shopify to Adobe Commerce, and beyond, making more customer interactions opportunities for conversion.

The presentation shed light on how Dispatch is not just responding to current e-commerce trends but also paving the way for future advancements. In addition to Dispatch’s focus on shoppable ads, its ability to provide functionality like on-screen checkouts in connected TVs and immersive shopping in digital worlds, keeps distributed commerce at the forefront of more integrated and customer-centric online shopping experiences.

Get in touch

For businesses looking to elevate their online presence and offer a more seamless shopping journey, you can contact Will and Porter here.